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Bio-Track Pty Ltd

Environmental Consultancy

Bio-Track provides a consultancy service specialising in the study of soil, water and vegetation. Established in 1985.


Study and reporting of acid sulfate soil, agricultural soil, wastewater irrigation, soil remediation assessment

Soil mapping and agricultural land use classification.

In-situ measurement of soil water (hydraulic conductivity, storage), bulk density, electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity

Soil sampling & reporting for compliance monitoring and environmental evaluation.

Legal studies


Wastewater irrigation & water/nutrient/salinity modeling (including MEDLI), compliance reporting & review

Groundwater analysis for domestic, agricultural & industrial use

Monitoring and logging of groundwater level


Mapping and classification

Fertility management



Bio-Track operates a consulting laboratory service. Soil analysis for agronomy, solar farms, corrosion, landscaping, mines rehabilitation,  soil water relations and MEDLI input testing, aggressive soil, particle sizing

The laboratory can undertake small run, specialist measurements of soil and water for a range of physical and chemical properties


Bio-Track can undertake model development of water and nutrient behavior within soil and plant systems.

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